RGN-PESS - Workshops 2016



Interactive Seminar – Workshop 41 -Contemporary Issues and Challanges of Petroleum Industry

JUNE 6 – 10, 2016

Short Courses:

1. Rules and Conditions Govering Future Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production Activities in Croatia- Issues & Challanges (June, 6th)

The first Short Course will include the lecturing and follow up discussions on challenges and issues in the contemporary exploration and production of hydrocarbons in Croatia with the special focus on the necessary improvements in legislative framework and fiscal regime.

2. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) (June, 7-10th)

The task of the second Short Course is to explore how to revitalize mature fields with the contemporary EOR methods. The scope of the course is to give the comprehensive knowledge of new technologies and reservoir characterization in exploitation of remaining hydrocarbon reserves.


Interactive Seminar – Workshop 42

JUNE 13 – 17, 2016


1. Natural Gas Market Development (June, 13-17th)

During the second week of the PESS 2016 there will be parallel two workshops. Workshop Natural Gas Market Development will deal with the current activities on the gas market including transport, storage, supply, trading, operating and regulating and the second part will cover specific issues about LNG Project in Croatia (from LNG trading to regulating along with other LNG market experiences).

2. Reservoir Evaluation and Management (June, 13-17th)

The Reservoir Evaluation Management workshop will mainly focus on unconventional reservoirs and different aspects of fracturing of conventional but also unconventional reservoirs.


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