Petroleum Engineering

Duration: 5 years

ECTS points: 300

Graduate study program Petroleum Engineering - Environmental Protection

Academic title:

Master in Petroleum Engineering (abbreviation: mag. ing. petrol.)

Student competencies of graduate study programme in Petroleum Engineering, Subprogramme Environmental Protection in Petroleum Engineering

  • planning, designing, carrying out and monitoring petroleum engineering technology processes
  • carrying out engineering interventions during oil and natural gas production, gathering and transportation, as well as geothermal reservoir exploitation
  • defining and solving engineering problems in the area of energy production and supply
  • analysis and optimization of energy systems
  • application of methods for the rational use of energy
  • knowledge of oil company operation within the geopolitical context
  • defining, understanding and assessing factors in the wider so- cial context and the impact of those factors on planning and construction of energy facilities and/or systems
  • knowledge of related legislation of the Republic of Croatia and European Union.

All programmes and subprogrammes develop communication skills, team work, managing complex situations, acquisition and analysis of various data, integration of knowledge, independent thinking and decision making, and presentation of one’s own conclusions, as well asknowledge and arguments supporting those conclusions, to professional and general public in a clear and unambiguous manner.