Cabinet activity

Activity within the Cabinet for mechanics and strength of materials includes development of analytical and numerical methods in mechanics of deformable bodies and continuum mechanics.
In order to make audience closer to the unknown mechanical principles, during lectures of Mechanics, Technical mechanics, Mechanics I and II, Strength of materials and Tunnelling we use experiments to demonstrate basic physical phenomena.
For this reason, numerous models to show mechanical phenomena during class are made. Besides that, measurement devices for stretching (1) and twisting (2) to quantify these phenomena are used. In the stress and strain analysis of deformable bodies the methods of experimental mechanics are applied: photoelasticity (3) and tensometry. Also we use numerical programs Crisp and Plaxis (4).

Head of the Lab:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Prof, PhD

List of methods and procedures

Analytical procedure                                                                 Test method









Small and medium sized equipment

 Name inventory         Tech.characteristics     Application                    Image

Device for tensile test


Device for tensile test.

Uredaj 1

Device for twisting


Device for twisting.

Uredaj 2

Device for photoelasticity


Device for photoelasticity.

Uredaj 3
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