Graduate study programme - Mining Engineering - Subprogramme Geotechnical Engineering

Mining Engineering

Duration: 5 years

ECTS points: 300

Graduate study program Mining - Geotehnical Engineering

Academic title:

Master in Mining Engineering (abbreviation:

Student competencies of graduate study programme in Mining, Subprogramme Geotechnical Engineering

  • understanding geological processes, forma
  • understanding geological processes, formation of rocks and mineral deposits, engineering geological and hydrogeological properties, as well as soil and rock mechanics
  • planning, carrying out and monitoring geotechnical and geophysical explorations with the purpose of carrying out engineering interventions in soil and rock mass and determining solid mineral reserves
  • carrying out laboratory research in order to defi ne physical and mechanical propertianalysis and interpretation of the fi eld and laboratory research results
  • planning, carrying out and monitoring excavation and blasting during the exploitation of mineral resources, construction of infrastructure facilities such as roads, excavation pits, hydroelectric energy facilities, underground chambers, tunnels and others (underground warehouses, repositories etc.)
  • planning, carrying out and monitoring specialized blasting, e.g. demolition of structures, underwater blasting and mine clearance knowledge and application of mine ventilation and dewatering techniques in underground chambers and tunnels
  • application of analytical and numerical methods in assessment of condition and behaviour of geological materials during engineering interventions and construction of various geotechnical structures in soil and rock mass
  • knowledge of soil and rock improvement techniques for the construction of structures on unfavourable sites dimensioning of elements of support system and stabilization of underground chambers, tunnels and slopes
  • assessment of human impact (exploitation of mineral resources, construction of infrastructure facilities) and natural hazards (landslides, erosion, fl oods, earthquakes) on the environment
  • knowledge of related legislation of the Republic of Croatia and European of soil and rocks