Underground research facility St. Barbara mine

Field laboratory

Lab Activities

Underground research facility St. Barbara mine was founded for professional and scientific research, for educational purposes and testing required for the mine development. The test sites serve for development and installation of permanent and temporary experiments, as well as the performance of research activities and tests in the area of ventilation, safety, geotechnics and field monitoring, underground repositories, underground excavations and support systems. The set experiments are also used for conducting fieldwork, demonstration and practical exercises of courses within the undergraduate and graduate study of Mining.

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Analytical procedure and test method
Microclimate measurements

The current experimental setup for microclimatic parameters allows simultaneous and continuous measurement of barometric pressure, temperature and humidity at multiple points in the mine. The data is analyzed and stored on a PLC, used to control the operation of the fan and transmitted over a GSM network remotely.

THM effects The THM effects experiment enables measurements of changes in rock, filling material and heater in real conditions, and refers to damage and thermal expansion of rocks, swelling and changes in filling material, tank corrosion, experimental instruments, impact on measuring equipment and similar.

Radon level measurement

Periodic measurement of radon concentration is carried out as a control of living / working conditions in the mine, in order to assess the need to protect people from natural ionizing radiation. Measurements are carried out periodically as needed, in the atmosphere of the mine and in the bedrock (bulk material) and in the soil around the mine.


Small and medium sized equipment
Name inventory Tech.characteristics Application Image


M-duino PLC equipped with analog / digital inputs / outputs, SD card, GPRS module, RS485 communication

Collection and storage of data from measuring transducers, transfer via GSM network, parameter analysis and fan control


Measurement transducer

Sensirion SHT 31 temperature and humidity sensor, LPS25H barometric pressure sensor, RS485 communication module

Measurement of microclimatic parameters


Measurement transducer

Rotronic HF 1 temperature and relative humidity sensor

Measurement of microclimatic parameters


S/FPT kabel

S / FPT Cat6 cable, shielded, PP outer sheath, 500 m

Communication network and sensor network power supply


Cylinder heater

Electric heater, temperature regulated, oil-quartz heat transfer

Testing of THM effects


Temperature transducer

Dallas DS18B20 Testing of THM effects 6 

Control unit

PID heater controller, Ardino Leonardo,
RS 485 module

Heater controls, sensor readings, communication 7 
Radon level measurement unit SARAD – Radon Scout Home Radon level measurement 8

Soil humidity transducer

Sensor for measuring soil moisture Sensor for measuring soil moisture 9


Teaching in the Lab (students' practical work)


Forms of teaching and methods

Ventilation and dewatering

Practical exercises, thesis research

Safety technique

Practical exercises, thesis research

Underground Chambers and Tunnels Ventilation

Practical exercises, thesis research

Underground Repositories

Practical exercises, thesis research

Testing and Monitoring in Geotehnical Engineering

Practical exercises, thesis research

Ground Improvement

Practical exercises, thesis research


Teaching in Lab (Students’ research)



David Šarko

Analysis of the dew point of atmospheric air in the vicinity of the mine sv. Barbara in the ores

María González Llaneza

Simulation and Improvement on Ventilation System of Sveta Barbara Mine in Sambor


Projects in Lab

Scientific research

Improvement of the ventilation system of the st. Barbara mine and long-term observation of microclimatic and ventilation parameters

In situ simulation of thermal-hydro-mechanical effects on rock and filling material and verification of the concept by a numerical model






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