About the Faculty

The Faculty

Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering is a higher educational institution within the University of Zagreb. The Faculty organizes and conducts academic studies while engaging in the scientific work in the domain of engineering sciences- including the scientific fields of mining, petroleum and geological engineer¬ing, making it the only Faculty in Croatia to do so- as well as in the domain of natural sciences- including the scientific fields of geology, making it one of the two faculties within Croatia that do so.

Faculty operations

University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum is a legal entity, registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb in the register of scientific organizations and in the register of higher education institutions. Internal regulation of the Faculty is provided by the Statute of the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering (revised text) from 2017. According to the decision on the national classification of activities(NN RH no 3/97) the activities of the Faculty are as follows:

  • higher education
  • book publishing
  • publishing of journals and periodicals
  • demolition of buildings
  • test drilling andsounding for construction purposes
  • database creation and their management
  • research and experimental development in natural sciences
  • architectural engineering and related technical consultancy
  • technical testing and analysis
  • library operations and archives
  • expert environmental protection activities
  • hydrogeological and geophysical investigations and research
  • expert opinions related to environmental protection, environmental
  • impact assessment, geology,
  • mineral raw materials and mining
  • creation of documents regarding mineral raw materials reserves and/or documentation regarding the structure, shape and volume of geological structures suitable for hydrocarbon deposition and permanent disposal of gases
  • creation of mining exploration projects and project regarding the exploitation of mineral raw materials.
  • aerial photography activity.