Graduate study programme in Engineering Geology - Subprogramme Environmental Geology

Geological Engineering

Duration: 5 years

ECTS points: 300

Graduate study program Geological Engineering - Environmental Geology

Academic title:

Master in Geological Engineering (abbreviation:

Student competencies of graduate study programme in Geological Engineering, Subprogramme Environmental Geology

  • fundamental knowledge in the area of natural and technical sciences with the focus on geological engineering
  • application of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the exercises as well as in the fi eld and laboratory work
  • knowledge and application of ethical principles, legislation and professional conduct
  • knowledge of contemporary information and communication technologies
  • knowledge of natural hazards (earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, floods, coastal processes), predicting and identifying natural hazards, assessing risk and defi ning possible prevention and adaptation measures
  • understanding unfavourable environmental impacts of diff erent human activities (population growth, land use, exploitation of natural resources)
  • understanding climate changes and their impact on the environment
  • analysis and planning of environmental elements monitoring (soil, water and air)
  • analysis and interpretation of geological, geochemical and geophysical data related to the environment
  • planning and carrying out research related to drawing geological maps and complementary materials, studies on environmental impacts, reports on environmental protection and strategies related to the environment
  • participation in preparation of regional planning documentation
  • production of studies on geological and technological hazards affecting soil, water and air quality
  • participation in resources management (water, soil, mineral resources, various renewable energy resources)
  • knowledge of geological aspects in waste management
  • understanding importance of recycling for economy and environment
  • knowledge of soil remediation methods
  • environmental protection in companies and institutions that are involved in waste transport, storage and disposal and in activities that have impact on the environment.