Graduate study programme - Mining Engineering - Subprogramme Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering

Duration: 5 years

ECTS points: 300

Graduate study program Mining Engineering - Mining Engineering

Academic title:

Master in Mining Engineering (abbreviation:

Student competencies of graduate study programme in Mining Engineering, Subprogramme Mining Engineering

  • understanding geological processes, formation of rocks and mineral deposits, and mineral and chemical composition of rock mass
  • planning, carrying out and monitoring mining and geophysical explorations with the purpose of determining solid mineral reserves and performing engineering interventions in soil and rock mass
  • analysis and interpretation of data acquired by fi eld and laboratory research and determination of mineral resources quality
  • detailed knowledge of the technology of surface and underground exploitation of mineral resources (drilling, blasting, mechanical excavation, transportation etc.)
  • planning, carrying out and monitoring specialized blasting, e.g. demolition of structures, underwater blasting and mine clearance
  • knowledge and application of mine ventilation, and open pit and mine dewatering techniques
  • knowledge of techniques of coal, nonmetallic and metallic mineral processing
  • knowledge of rock and soil mechanics and the methods of slope stability analysis in open pits, tunnels and underground chambers
  • knowledge and skills that enable balancing mining engineering with environmental protection, which includes mine waste treatment, as well as recultivation after the exploitation of open pits and mines, monitoring of environmental impact and production of studies on the impact of mining and other interventions in the environment
  • knowledge of related legislation of the Republic of Croatia and European Union.