The Union

Life at Faculty

The Independent Union of Science and Higher Education operates in the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering from its founding in 1990. 80% of the employees are the union branch members, numbering around 120 members. Membership in the union organization allows free legal assistance in the event of labour disputes, recovery of the costs of hospitalization, use of union loans and non-repayable fi nancial assistance in cases of long-term sick leave, assistance in housing of its members as well as numerous discounts when purchasing a variety of products, services and loans. The Union organization of the Faculty is active in all spheres of social life, organizing children plays and securing gifts for children of the employees on the occasions such as Christmas and New Year holidays as well as gifting the union members on several holiday occasions. The union branch organizes excursions, trips and the participation of union members in the union games, participates in the preparation of legal documents of the Faculty relating to the labour rights of the employees, protects union members and contributes to the peaceful resolution of problems related to labour relations of the employees. Certain members of the union branch are active in the higher bodies of the union, Big and Small Council, where they participate in the policy creation and are present at the meetings of the University Senate. Representatives of the union at the Faculty are Ass. Prof. Vesnica Garašić, PhD, Ass. Prof. Uroš Barudžija, PhD, and Božena Vlainić.

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