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During the academic year of 2015/2016, the Library con nued the establishment of ins tu onal repository within the system of “Digital academic archives and repository Dabar“. The system enables scien fi c and higher educa on ins tu ons to gather the products of their work in one loca on, kep them long-term and use them without having to consider technological issues, connected to the establishment and maintenance of the repository. These issues are taken care of by the employees of the SRCE (University Compu ng Center). In December 2015, the Library started impu ng the digital forms of Master’s theses defended at our Faculty and today the Repository of the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering (https:// has more than 400 units. This number grows daily. In the Open Access sec on of the Repository, one can fi nd full texts in PDF formo f Master’s theses defended since April 1, 2015. They are available to all. Full texts of Master’s theses, which were defended before that me, are available only to the employees and students of the Faculty of Mining, Geolgoy and Petroleum Engineering (due to copyright protec on). They can be read or downloaded a er the student or the employee has logged in the Repository using their electronic iden ty in the AAI@EduHr system. Theses can be browsed and/or searched, according to the author, tle, key words, year of defense, mentor, organiza onal unit (Department), defense commi ee members, which further adds to the search func onality. Such approach increases the Faculty’s visibility and simplifi es the approach to scien fi c materials and the scien fi c produc on of the scien fi c community but also meets the legal requirements set by the Law regarding changes and addi ons to the Law concerning scien fi c ac vity and high educa on (Offi cial Bulle n 94/2013, ar cle 40, paragraph 11 and 12). The Law s pulates that “Universi es and Facul es are obliged to permanently publish fi nal theses in the public Internet database of the University library within the University and copy them in the public Internet database of fi nal theses of the Na onal and University Library“. The name ”fi nal thesis“ in the context of this law represents a generic term that refers to fi nal theses, Master’s theses and fi nal specialist theses. By uploading the electronic form of a fi nal thesis in the ins tu onal Repository of our Faculty, the same thesis will also be uploaded in the ZIR ( i.e. the Na onal repository of fi nal and Master’s theses of the Na onal and University Library in Zagreb where fi nal theses from all Universi es in the Republic of Croa a are stored. As another func onal improvement, we would like to point out that in the web catalogue of the Library of the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, next to the bibliographic informa on about a Master’s thesis, a permanent link to its electronic form has been added. This has made it possible to reach the full text, located in the Repository, in “two clicks of the mouse“ Our next step (a er setlling legal formali es regarding copirights), is to enable open access to the Repository of the digital versions of PhD theses at the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering.

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