Graduate study programme in Geology - Subprogramme Geology of Mineral Resources and Geophysical Explorations


Duration: 5 years

ECTS points: 300

Graduate study program Geology - Geology of Mineral Resources and Geophysical Explorations

Academic title:

Master in Geology (abbreviation: mag.geol.)

Student competencies of graduate study programme in Geology, Subprogramme Geology of Mineral Resources and Geophysical Explorations

  • fundamental knowledge in the area of natural and technical sciences with the focus on geology of mineral resources and geophysical explorations
  • application of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the exercises as well as in the fi eld and laboratory work
  • locating, research and assessment of mineral deposits (energy mineral resources, mineral resources for industrial processing and building material production, dimension stone and metal mineral resources)
  • writing reports, studies and projects on mineral resources
  • defining quantity and quality of mineral resources
  • drawing geological maps, geochemical maps and mineral resources maps, and establishing and managing various geological information systems
  • interpretation of geophysical exploration results and their application in defi ning geological composition of the subsurface
  • application of geophysical explorations in the research of mineral deposits, geotechnical explorations, ground water research and environmental research
  • synthesis of the results of geological, geochemical and geophysical explorations, primarily of mineral resources
  • planning and managing research related to the production of geological maps and complementary materials, environmental impact studies and strategies related to mineral resources
  • knowledge of related legislation of the Republic of Croatia and European Union.