Graduate study programme in Engineering Geology - Subprogramme Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

Geological Engineering

Duration: 5 years

ECTS points: 300

Graduate study program Geological Engineering - Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

Academic title:

Master in Geological Engineering (abbreviation:

Student competencies of graduate study programme in Geological Engineering, Subprogramme Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

  • knowledge in the area of natural and technical sciences with the focus on geological engineering
  • knowledge of hydrogeological properties of rocks, groundwater flow patierns and particle tracking in water-bearing systems
  • training for field, laboratory and offi ce work, which includes measuring hydrogeological phenomena, and determination and interpretation of parameters of water bearing layers and well fi elds by the application of various methods
  • preparation and production of hydrogeological maps of different scales and purposes, and knowledge of projects, planning and management of hydrogeological research
  • knowledge of hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical processes modelling, defi ning conceptual and mathematical models of groundwater fl ow and transport of contaminants, as well as skills to perform simulation and interpretation of results by application of modern computer programs
  • knowledge of groundwater pollution threat and procedures and methods of purification and remediation of groundwater pollution
  • preparation of programmes and plans for groundwater protection as well as projects for research and remediation related to water protection
  • knowledge of well fi elds and possibilities of water utilization for water supply and hydroenergy purposes
  • knowledge of engineering geological properties of rocks
  • preparation of projects and programmes for engineering geology research in order to plan, perform, maintain and remedy geotechnical and mining facilities, and to remedy sites and facilities damaged by natural and anthropogenic hazards
  • planning, performing and monitoring all types of engineering geological research
  • zonation of the study area and production of engineering geological maps for the purpose of regional planning, environmental protection and decreasing risk of natural hazards;
  • planning and managing research related to production of geological maps and complementary materials and studies on
  • environmental impact
  • knowledge of related legislation of the Republic of Croatia and European Union.