Graduate study programme in Mining, Subprogramme Waste Treatment and Disposal

Mining Engineering

Duration: 5 years

ECTS points: 300

Graduate study program Mining - Waste Management and Disposal

Academic title:

Master in Mining Engineering (abbreviation:

Student competencies of graduate study programme in Mining, Subprogramme Waste Treatment and Disposal

  • understanding complex physical-chemical relationships in the air, water and soil, multiphase fl uid fl ow through soil/rock mass, geochemical and mineralogical relationships in soil and rock mass and the ability to identify, quantify and solve problems related generally to environmental protection, and particularly to waste treatment
  • planning, carrying out and monitoring geophysical explorations in order to assess soil and rock pollution
  • assessment of human impact on the environment
  • modelling and numerical analysis of pollution dispersion
  • ability to analyse and interpret data acquired by fi eld and laboratory research and to monitor the quality of air, water and soil
  • knowledge of air, water and soil purifi cation methods and techniques, as well as their application
  • remediation of polluted sites
  • knowledge of principles and procedures of waste management
  • application of solid waste recycling technologies
  • designing landfi lls and repositories
  • knowledge and skills that enable balancing economic demands and environmental protection
  • knowledge of related legislation of the Republic of Croatia and European Union.