Collaboration with national companies


Collaboration with national companies


  • Instantel instrument calibration

Bioplin proizvodnja (Zagreb)

  • Microzonation study at the Medinci biogas facility location

Brana (Virovitica)

  • Hydrogeological study for the procurement of water regulating conditions for the ground water capturing

Cemex Croatia (Kaštel Sućurac)

  • Instantel instrument calibration

Cemtra (Zagreb)

  • Colored petrographic thin–section preparation
  • Colored and non–coloured petrographic thin–section preparation
  • Mineralogical X–ray analyses from the Bedekovčina clay deposit

CSS (Zagreb)

  • Petrographic thin–section analyses

Čvorkovac (Dalj)

  • Study harmonizing the new sanitary protection zones regulations with the preexisting elaborate

Darkom (Daruvar)

  • Ensuring additional quantities of ground water for public consumption: geophysical analysis

Dvokut Ecro (Zagreb)

  • Hydrological investigation for the environmental impact study of the Vranjsko polje irrigation system

Elektroprojekt (Zagreb)

  • Concept study of the Vranjsko polje irrigation system fi rst phase
  • Special review of the incision with geotechnical exploration and the study of the incision remediation executive project; geophysical investigation

Geobim (Beletinec)

  • Instantel instrument calibration

Geocop (Rovinj)

  • Instantel instrument calibration

Geomin (Zagreb)

  • Instantel instrument calibration

Geotehna Varaždin (Turčin)

  • Drilling and blasting project
  • Demolition of the southern wing of the Bellevue Hotel in Mali Lošinju
  • Instantel instrument calibration

Geotehnički studio (Zagreb)

  • Electric conductivity testing on soil samples
  • Laboratory testing: Project Hotel Jager, Pag

Geotehnika j. (Vodice)

  • Determination of PLT strength index on rock materials for the Platforma–Uljanik project

Hidroing (Osijek)

  • Hydrogeological investigation as an annex to the sanitary protection zones of the Jarčevac water source elaborate

HIS (Donja Višnjica)

  • Permeability coefficient testing tender

HROTE (Zagreb)

  • Introduction of the new Croatian gas market model with related regulations

Croatian Waters (Zagreb)

  • Geodetic–geological study on the erosion of marginal segments of loess plateaus of the Croatian Danube region
  • Review of the master remediation project of the Kupa river right bank in Karlovac (Brođani), length of around 285m at cadastral plot 2879 in cadastral district Skakavac in the Karlovac city area
  • Main remediation project review of the lettriver Sava bank landslide around km 620, located at the Sava River overflow into Lonjsko polje retention in the Palanjek setilement
  • Main project review for the reconstruction of water weir in the Orljava river valley at chainage in Pleternica

INA (Zagreb)

  • The Environmental Impact Assessment Studies of the Hydrocarbons and Geothermal Water Production from Hydrocarbon Fields Šumećani, Molve, Žutica and Stružec in Accordance with INA Technical Specifications
  • Documentation analyses and study on the request for review regarding the need for environmental impact study of the “Connecting the Go–10 wellbore to the PS Gola duboka object” intervention
  • Contribution to the reconstruction of the sedimentary– tectonic development in the southern Adriatic off shore segment

Isl Spreewer (Gospić)

  • Explosive material testing

Jadrankamen Kaštela (Kaštel Sućurac)

  • Testing and comparison of the bending strength results

Kamen Pazin (Pazin)

  • Instantel instrument calibration

Kaming (Ljubeščica)

  • Instantel instrument calibration

KTC (Križevci)

  • Hydrogeological investigation on lowering the groundwater level at the petrol station in Krapina

Međimurske vode (Čakovec)

  • Sanitary protection zones study for water sources Nedelišće, Prelog and Sveta Marija according to the new Regulations

Nobel (Viškovo)

  • Instantel instrument calibration

Papuk (Orahovica)

  • Study harmonizing the new regulations with the preexisting elaborate on sanitary protection zones of Orahovica water wells

Rudar posebna trgovina (Zagreb)

  • Instantel instrument calibration

Slunj (Slunj)

  • Properties of clay samples from the Čuićbrdo, Rakovica waste disposal site

TPA (Zagreb)

  • Pećnik natural stone samples analysis
  • Samples analysis

Trg (Trnovec Bartolovečki)

  • Instantel instrument calibration

Unijabeton (Zagreb)

  • Obtaining the groundwater usage permit – preparation of documents

URS Polska Sp. z o.o. (Zagreb)

  • Construction Project of a new, two–track railroad at the Goljak–Skradin leg of the Rijeka–Zagreb railway

Varkom (Varaždin)

  • Hydrogeological and geophysical investigations in determination of the pumping well microlocation (ZV–4) at the Vinokovščak well field

Viadukt (Zagreb)

  • Elaborate on the seismic measurement and blasting impact of at the Ivanec quarry

Vodoprivreda Zagreb

  • Cost estimate of the excavated mineral raw materials, construction sands and gravels at the Veslački centar deposit from April 4, 2012 until November 5, 2014

Vodovod i kanalizacija (Karlovac)

  • Supplement to the Sanitary protection zonation of Gaza I, II, Mekušje and Švarča water sources elaborate

Vodovod–hidrogeološki radovi (Osijek)

  • Accompanying hydrogeological investigation during the construction of a new pumping well at the Jarčevac well fi eld

Zagrebački holding, Tržnice Zagreb (Zagreb)

  • Project supervision and interpretation study of the collected data for the Vih water well

Zlatne terme (Velika)

  • Study for obtaining the Velika thermal sources utilization concession

Željezničko projektno društvo (Zagreb)

  • Preparation of project and additional documentation for the Improvement and reconstruction of the Dugo Selo– Novska railway leg, fi rst phase

Žito (Osijek)

  • Hydrogeological study