The Faculty and public activities

The Faculty and public activities

Wider audience is represented by the population and institutions that are not in direct contact with the Faculty. Information on the activities of the Faculty, its achievements and events organised by the Faculty, or its participation in the events, are distributed primarily through the Faculty website, media as daily newspa- pers, local radio and television, as well as through social net- works.
The Faculty and the media - scientists comment on current events


Name and surname Media – show or article Subject Released/Published

Bojan Matoš

TV station TBS, Japan

“World Heritage” tv show – participation in a show on the thematic of NP Plitvice Lakes. In the show extent, evolution of the Dinarides along dyniamics of the relief formation during the Quaternary which lead to lakes formation were described

25th of June 2017

Kristijan Posavec

TV Jabuka/Cycles of shows Sava Programme

Zagreb on Sava River – significance of the project for the source areas and Strategy of the water distribution system of the City of Zagreb

1st of November 2016

Vladislav Brkić

U mreži prvog / Croatian Radio HR 1

Posibility of acquisition of INA from the Croatian government

19th od January 2017

Marko Cvetković

Večernji list

Antropocene – Age of Man

1st of October 2017

Franjo Šumanovac


26. rujna 2017. / 26th of September, 2017


Snježana Mihalić Arbanas

First channel of the Croatian television

Participation in a show “I have a problem”on the topic of Landslides with Mrs. Nataša Holcinger, assistant to the Cabinet od State Directrorate for Protection and Rescue (tv host Mr. Miljenko Cvitković)

28th of September, 2017

Snježana Mihalić ArbanasMartin Krkač News of Vinkovci Television Station A show about the activities of the RECALL project

19th of December

Snježana Mihalić ArbanasMartin KrkačSanja Bernat GazibaraMarin Sečanj Novi list An article about the Croatian grouppe for landslides (scientists from Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering and Faculty of Civil Engineering in Rijeka) which has become an excellence center in May of 2017 6th of August 2017