Speleological Club Ozren Lukić

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URL adress: skol.sretno.org

Speleological Club Ozren Lukić (SKOL) was established on 16 December 2002. The club is named after Ozren Lukić, a Croatian caver who was killed in 1992 on the Velebit Mountain during the Croatian War of Independence.
Members of the club are students of geology, mining and petroleum engineering. The club is actuively supported by the Faculty, as the Faculty occasionally engages the members on various projects whose execution is highly dependent on the speleological equipment, the experience and knowledge of student cavers.
The club participated in the topographical recordings of several caverns in the mines, which was a serious contribution to the development of projects of rehabilitation of these parts of the mine. The club also carried out surveys and recordings of some historical mines. Certain club members are also members of the Croatian Geological Society, which, along with the Faculty and Student Council of the University of Zagreb supports the work of the student club by organizing and providing logistical support for various caving trips, speleological camps, expeditions and environmental actions.
The head of the Club is Damir Janton

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