Lab activity

The laboratory is used for educational and scientifi c research purposes and it covers two areas of geology – petrographic and paleontological analysis of rocks and loose materials and the petroleum geology part for the analysis of the subsurface data.
Laboratory includes equipment for wet sieving, trinoculare loupe, petrographic microscope, two personal computers and one work station.

Head of the Lab: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Prof, PhD

List of methods and procedures

Analytical procedure                                                                 Test method









Small and medium sized equipment

Name inventory        Tech.characteristics     Application                    Image

Equipment for wet sieving of samples

It consists of several sieves with different diameter of holes.

It is used for preparation of samples for microfossil analysis or for preparation of samples of unconsolidated sediments for making thin sections).

Sita mokro sijanje

Stereo microscope Optics SZN-T

Magnification capabilities up to 40x and posibility of making microphotographs (Optics Pro-5 camera).

It is used for microfosil analysis and petrographic determination of unconsolidated sediments.

Trinokularna lupa

Leica DM LM/P

Polarisation microscope with posibility of making microphotographs (DFC280 camera).

It is used for petrological determination of rocks and fossil determination from thin sections).


Dell T7400


For running petroleum geology programs like Petrel and Interactive Petrophysics.

Dell 7400
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