Study Programme

Doctoral study 'Applied Geosciences, Mining and Petroleum Engineering'
Doctoral Study of Applied Geosciences, Mining and Petroleum Engineering - enrolled in the academic year 2018/2019
COMPULSORY COURSE       Lectures Exercises Seminars
10-01 Methodology of scientific research LO 1: To define elementary terms of scientific research
LO 2: To describe and explain main phases of research process;
LO 3: To analyze procedures and activities within main phases of research process
LO 4: To distinguish key features of the change of science social functions in knowledge-based society
LO 5: To compare basic characteristics of professional and scientific research
LO 6: To critically evaluate scientific and professional work, critically assess quality of publications using good and bad quality exemplary articles
LO 7: To search, analyze, and classify various bibliographical sources
LO 8: To distinguish ethical rules in scientific and professional research and publications
LO 9: To apply acquired skills in process of thesis application
LO 10: To apply competencies and skills in writing and publishing articles
2 Lažnjak, J.; Vlahović, I. 15 0 0


20-H01  Surface geophysical exploration and well logging LO 1: Surface geophysical exploration 6 Šumanovac, F. 35 35 5
LO 2: Well logging methods 4,5 Orešković; J.
LO 3: Geophysical modelling 4,5 Šumanovac, F.
20-H02 Advanced methods in seismic reflection exploration LO 1: Seismic exploration 5 Šumanovac, F. 25 30 5
LO 2: Seismic attributes 3 Orešković; J.
LO 3: AVA-analysis 2 Šumanovac, F.
20-H03 Numerical mathematics and geomathematics GLO 1: Systems of linear equations 4 R. Rajić i A. Vrbaški 70 10 10
GLO 2: Ordinary differential equations 2 R. Rajić i A. Vrbaški
GLO: 3 Partial differential equations 5 A. Jaguljnjak-Lazarević
GLO 4: Geomathematics 7 Malvić, T.
20-H04 Engineering Statistics GLO 1: Statistics – theoretical part 5 R. Rajić i A. Vrbaški 85 25 15
GLO 2: Statistics in Geology 5 Malvić, T.
GLO 3: Statistics in Mining (engineering measurements) 5 Kuhinek, D.
GLO 4: Statistics in Petroleum Engineering 5 Vulin, D.
GLO 5: Statistics in Geological Engineering 5 Posavec, K.
20-H05 Principles and application of chemistry in engineering profession LO 1: Relate electrolytic nature of water with its properties 1 Kapor, F. 15 10 5
LO 2: Recommend a method of water treatment regarding the pollution 1
LO 3: Recommend the chemical and analytical methods of analysis of the sample with respect to the amount of analyte 1
LO 4: Recommend a way of neutralizing or removing contaminants from the environment 1
LO 5: Evaluate the type of corrosion process and suggest adequate protection 1
LO 6: Predict the selection of materials with respect to the chemical composition of the electrolyte in Petroleum Engineering 1
20-H06 GIS and databases LO 1: Create conceptual, logical and physical data model based on data analysis 2 Perković, D. 15 15 0
LO 2: Design database based on built models and test by entering own data 1
LO 3: Set up database queries and define constraints, security and database protection 1
LO 4: Create a GIS project based on spatial data analysis 1
LO 5: Perform spatial operations and generate cartographic layouts 1
LO 6: Design a geospatial database and WEBGIS system 1


20-R01 Surface exploitation GLO 1: Surface exploitation of solid raw materials 3 Bohanek, V. 24 9 9
GLO 2: Dimension Stone Quarrying And Processing 3 Kujundžić, T.
GLO 3: Strategy of raw material management on EU level 3  
20-R02 Underground exploitation of mineral raw materials GLO 1: Calculations in ventilation of mines and subsurface openings 3 Klanfar, M. 26 6 11
GLO 2: Dimension Stone Quarrying And Processing 3 Kujundžić, T.; Korman, T.
GLO 3:Underground exploitation of solid mineral raw materials 3 Galić, I.
20-R03 Design of mining works LO 1: Combine mining engineering design methods 0,5 Galić, I. 15 0 10
LO 2: Present computer programs for mining projects 0,5
LO 3: Critically evaluate forecasting and strategic planning of mineral raw materials management 0,5
LO 4: Present methods of exploration of mineral raw materials from the surface and from underground mining works 0,5
LO 5: Critically evaluate methods of exploitation of solid mineral raw materials 0,5
LO 6: Design layouts and mining works 0,5
LO 7: To present project design solutions for mining works 0,5
LO 8: Critically evaluate the impact of mining jobs on the environment 0,5
LO 9: Present methods of technical rehabilitation 0,5
LO 10: Create an economic model of efficiency (efficiency) of mining works 0,5
20-R04 Optimization of mechanization of mining and geotechnical works LO 1: Formulate technical specifications, features, level of modernity, reliability and economy of machinery and mining transport systems 1,5 Kujundžić, T. 20 5 5
LO 2: Integrate machinery and transport system to a specific technology of mining operations 1,5 Kujundžić, T.
LO 3: Generate a selection of machinery and mining transport system 1,5 Korman, T.
LO 4: Set goals of mining machinery working conditions simulation 1,5 Korman, T.
LO 5: Optimize mining transport system 2 Kujundžić, T.; Korman, T.
20-R05 Explosive civil application and blasting methods LO 1: Classify and present types and application of explosive processes   Sućeska, M.; Dobrilović, M.; Bohanek, V.; Škrlec, V. 30 20 20
LO 2: Associate basic assumption of different explosive theories 1
LO 3: Associate theoretical assumptions with explosive process application 1
LO 4: Predict explosive materials behavior according to composition and reaction conditions 1
LO 5: Propose explosive testing methods 1
LO 6: Develop blasting methods in special condition 1
LO 7: Predict fragmentation of blasted rock 1
LO 8: Develop of environmental protection methodology 1
20-R06 Construction of underground structures, tunnels and repositories for radioactive waste GLO 1: Excavation and support of underground chambers and tunnels 4 Dobrilović, M.; Veinović, Ž.; Bohanek, V.; Škrlec, V. 39 3 26
GLO 2: Excavation and support of underground chambers and tunnels 3
GLO 3: Construction of deep geological repositories of radioactive waste 3
20-R07 Laboratory and field research methods in mining and geotechnics GLO 1: Laboratory and field research methods in soils 5 Domitrović, D. 24 16 16
GLO 2: Laboratory and field research methods of rock material 5 Briševac, Z.
20-R08 Mine safety and explosion protection GLO: Explosion protection 3 Kuhinek, D. 20 15 10
GLO: Mine safety 6 Klanfar, M.
20-R09 Modelling and simulation in primary and secondary raw material processing LO 1: Formulate characteristics of particle population and function distributions 1 Bedeković, G. 15 5 10
LO 2: Distinguish different cases of material liberation and based on that recommend appropriate concentration method 1
LO 3: To design different variants of primary and secondary material processing flowsheets and based on their simulations to recommend the optimal one 1
LO 4: Evaluate effectiveness of the primary and secondary material processing 1
LO 5: Choose appropriate separation methods for waste recycling according to the waste characteristics 1
LO 6: Design a technological process of the primary and secondary materials processing 2
LO 7: Evaluate the economic benefits of materials processing 1
20-R10 Environmental management GLO 1: Environmental Geotechnics 4 Kovačević Zelić, B. 40 0 15
GLO 2: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials and Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Management and Disposal 4 Veinović, Ž.
GLO 3: Air Quality Management 4 Sobota, I.
20-R11 Modelling of geological materials GLO 1: Continuum mechanics 3 Jaguljnjak Lazarević, A. 40 0 15
GLO 2: Constitutive modelling in soil mechanics 1,5 Kovačević Zelić, B.
GLO 3: Numerical modelling in soil mechanics 2 Kovačević Zelić, B.
GLO 4: Constitutive modelling in rock mechanics 1,5 Hrženjak, P.
GLO 5: Numerical modelling in rock mechanics 2 Hrženjak, P.
20-G01 Basin analysis GLO: Geochemical exploration of source rocks and reservoir fluids 5 Velić, J., Saftić, B., Kolenković Močilac I., Cvetković, M. 30 10 10
GLO: Basin modelling and regional petroleum potential assessment 5 Velić, J., Saftić, B., Kolenković Močilac I., Cvetković, M.
20-G02 Geological modelling of oil and gas reservoirs GLO: Exploration methods of reservoir and cap rocks' structure and characteristics 5 Velić, J., Saftić, B., Kolenković Močilac I., Cvetković, M. 30 10 10
GLO: Construction of geological model and continuation of research in the phase of reservoir development and production 5 Velić, J., Saftić, B., Kolenković Močilac I., Cvetković, M.
20-G03 Regional geology and tectonics GLO: Stratigraphy of Neogene basins in Croatia 5 Pavelić, D. 40 29 6
GLO: Evolution of the Adriatic Carbonate Platform 5 Vlahović, I.
GLO: Tectonics 5 Tomljenović, B.
20-G04 Quaternary geology GLO 1: Quaternary geology 5 Velić, J.; Cvetković, M. 15 12 2
20-G05 Quaternary geodynamics LO: Tectonic Geomorphology 4 Matoš, B. 30 23 8
LO2: Seismotectonics 4 Matoš, B.; Herak., M.
20-G06 Igneous and metamorphic rocks: geotectonic-petrogenetic approach GLO: Petrogenesis of magmatic rocks 1,5 Garašić, V. 15 5 5
GLO: Petrogenesis of metamorphic rocks 1,5
GLO: Writing of report about petrogenesis of rocks 1
20-G07 Geochemistry of crustal rocks LO: To distinguish the geochemical composition of the continental crust from the ocean crust 0,6 Garašić, V. 10 2 3
LO: To correlate the chemical composition of the sandstone with source rocks 0,6
LO: To use the radiogenic Sr and Nd isotopes in the interpretation of the genesis of the crustal rock 0,6
LO: To use oxygen and carbon isotopes in the interpretation of the genesis of carbonate rocks 0,6
LO: To create a report about the processes influencing a geochemical composition of the crust for a given studied area 0,6
20-G08 Facies Research and Sedimentary Environment Models GLO: Petrogenesis of magmatic rocks 5 Aljinović, D.; Vlahović, I.; Barudžija, U. 46 14 4
GLO: Petrogenesis of metamorphic rocks 5
GLO: Writing of report about petrogenesis of rocks 3
20-G09 Diagenesis and paleopedology GLO: Diagenesis 3 Barudžija, U.; Durn, G. 30 12 4
GLO: Paleopedology 3
GLO: Diagenetic Practicum 3
GLO: Paleopedological Practicum 3
20-G10 Environmental mineralogy and geochemistry GLO: Soil mineralogy and geochemistry 3 Durn, G. 15 24 6
GLO: Recent sediments mineralogy and geochemistry 3 Sondi, I.
GLO: Mining waste and its impact on the environment 3 Mileusnić, M.
GLO: Fate of contaminants in the unsaturated zone 3 Ružičić, S.
GLO: Soil protection 3 Kisić, I.
20-G11 Ore deposits and industrial minerals GLO: Ore deposits and plate tectonics 1 Garašić, V. 25 2 12
GLO: Industrial mineral deposits 2,5 Borojević Šoštarić, S.
GLO: Industrial minerals and their use 2,5 Borojević Šoštarić, S.
20-GI01 Karst Aquifers LO: Construct conceptual models for karst systems 0,5 Parlov, J. 15 10 0
LO: Analyze geochemical data of karst groundwater to determine properties of karst aquifer 1
LO: Correlate the relationship between karst system development (dissolution) and flow dynamics 0,3
LO: Draw connections between karst science, hydrology and geomorphology 0,2
LO: Formulate principles of proper protection of karst water sources 0,5
LO: Design water-tracing in karst terrains 2
LO: Evaluate the soundness of the results and conclusions of scientific data 0,5
20-GI02 Hydraulics of groundwater LO: Analyze the different types of flow in the aquifer system with regard to the scale (spatial and temporal) 0,5 Duić, Ž. 10 2 0
LO: Evaluate the influence of basic physical properties of fluid and porous media on hydrogeological parameters 0,5
LO: Present the relationship between the equipotential surfaces and the streamlines in complex flow conditions (heterogeneity and anisotropy) 0,5
LO: Evaluate the methods of interpretation and application of forms for quantification of hydrogeological parameters 1
LO: Analyze fluid flow through an usaturated zone with an emphasis on the influence of spatial and temporal scales, and the constraints that hamper the direct application of Darcy's law 0,5
20-GI03 Mathematical modelling of contaminant transport in groundwater systems LO: Formulate processes of contaminant transport in nature 1 Nakić, Z. 15 10 0
LO: Connect transport processes with parameters of advection-dispersion equation including geochemical reactions 1 Nakić, Z.
LO: Form mathematical models with initial and boundary conditions for specific hydrogeological problems 1 Nakić, Z.; Posavec, K.
LO: Suggest analytical or numerical methods for solution of mathematical models 1 Posavec, K.
LO: Design transport models 1 Posavec, K.
20-GI04 Characterization of engineering geological units GLO: Introduction 0,5 Mihalić Arbanas, S. 30 0 15
GLO: Soil characteristics depending on mineralogical compositio 1,5 Mihalić Arbanas, S.
GLO: Intact rock characteristics depending on mineralogical composition 1,5 Krkač, M.
GLO: Rock mass characteristics depending on mineralogical composition 1,5 Krkač, M.
20-GI05 Hydrology LO: Analyze the processes and features of the hydrologic cycle 0,2 Pavlić, K. 10 15 0
LO: Critically evaluate the individual processes in the hydrological cycle and their importance for the process of surface runoff 0,3
LO: Present the elements of spectral and statistical analysis in hydrology 1,5
LO: Set hypothesis of the influence of meteorological features and processes on surface water runoff 0,5
LO: Apply spectral and statistical analysis on hydrological and meteorological dana 2
LO: Submit the results of own research 0,5
20-GI06 Natural stone and aggregate GLO: Learning outcomes 1: Deposits of natural stone and aggregate 3 Maričić, A. 8 20 4
GLO: Learning outcomes 2: Durability of natural stone and aggregate 3
20-GI07 Engineering geological zonation and prognostic geohazard maps GLO: Introduction 1 Mihalić Arbanas, S. 37,5 0 20
GLO: Thematic engineering geological maps 1,5 Mihalić Arbanas, S.
GLO: Prognostic geohazard maps (landslides, erosion) 1,5 Mihalić Arbanas, S.
GLO: Statistical methods for derivation of geohazard susceptibility maps 1,5 Krkač, M.
GLO: Seismic-geotechnical microzonation 1,5 Krkač, M.
20-GI08 Engineering geological models GLO: Introduction 1 Krkač, M. 22,5 0 10
GLO: Conceptual engineering geological models 1,5 Mihalić Arbanas, S.
GLO: Observational engineering geological models 1,5 Krkač, M.
20-GI09 Application of remote sensing and monitoring in Engineering geology GLO: Introduction 0,5 Mihalić Arbanas, S. 45 0 25
GLO: Remote sensing of active geomorphological processes in site specific investigations 1,5 Krkač, M.
GLO: Remote sensing of active geomorphological processes in regional scale investigations 1,5 Mihalić Arbanas, S.
GLO: Monitoring of active geomorphological processes in site specific investigations 1,5 Krkač, M.
GLO: Monitoring of active geomorphological processes in regional scale investigations 1,5 Mihalić Arbanas, S.
GLO: Statistical analyses of monitoring data 1,5 Krkač, M.
20-GI10 Groundwater monitoring LO: Analyze the way of organization and monitoring implementation in complex hydrogeological conditions 0.25 Duić, Ž. 10 2 3
LO: Evaluate the impact of spatial (especially vertical) and time scale on the monitoring system 0.5
LO: Present different methods of monitoring and limitations of certain techniques and devices 0.25
LO: Evaluate the results of the monitoring in terms of its reliability and justification for the purpose of the research 0.5
LO: Analyze different versions of technical design of observation facilities and achieved monitoring results 0.25
LO: Set a hypothesis and implement a monitoring project 0.25
LO: Set up and perform groundwater monitoring project 1
20-GI11 Operational research in hydrogeology Develop conceptual model of specific groundwater systems 2,5 Posavec, K. 15 10 0
LO: Define initial and boundary conditions and select appropriate flow equation 0,5
LO: Suggest methods for solving flow problem 0,5
LO: Define the objective function and constraints for specific hydrogeological system 0,5
LO: Design transport model 0,5
LO: Suggest methods for solving transport problem 0,5
20-GI12 Concepts of groundwater protection and remediation LO: Classify sources of contamination and groundwater contaminants 1 Nakić, Z. 15 10 0
LO: Combine conventional and integrated approach in research of contaminated groundwater systems 1 Nakić, Z.
LO: Predict risks of contamination 1 Nakić, Z.; Posavec, K.
LO: Develop monitoring systems for contaminated aquifers 1 Posavec, K.
LO: Suggest methods for groundwater remediation 1 Posavec, K.
20-NR01 Well planning and drilling technology GLO: Well design 4 Krištafor, Z. 55 0 15
GLO: Wellbore Cleaning and Well Cementing Optimization 2 N.Pašić, B.
GLO: Drilling of horizontal and multilateral wells 4 Gaurina-Međimurec, N.
20-NR02 Hydrocarbon reservoir development methods LO: Design a network of production and injection wells for hydrocarbon reservoirs, taking into account the properties of reservoir rocks and fluids and recovery increase 1 Vulin, D. 25 25 25
LO: Develop the concept of underground storage of natural gas or carbon dioxide based on the static and dynamic parameters of the formation or parameters from a mature hydrocarbon reservoir and technical-technological criteria 1 Vulin, D.
LO: Perform case analysis by comparing analytical and simulation results and to exclude methods that provide less reliable prediction of hydrocarbon production 1 Vulin, D.
LO: Build a compositional simulation model for fluid injection analysis for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) 1 Vulin, D.
LO: Perform statistical analysis and the assessment of the feasibility of a particular simulation case 1 Vulin, D.
LO: Select candidate wells for hydraulic fracture according to reservoir and production data 1 Vulin, D.
LO: Propose and design secondary recovery method to maintain the reservoir pressure, based on the dominant primary regime; the regime of dissolved gas, gas caps and / or waterdrive regime 1 Kurevija, T.
LO: Analyze production decline curves and predict the cumulative recovery and recovery rates 1 Kurevija, T.
LO: Connect the variation of gas consumption with dynamics of gas removal from natural gas underground storage balance the dynamics of consumption and supply of gas 1 Kurevija, T.
LO: Generalize the production predictions by analytical and simulation methods to estimate the feasibility an particular method 1 Kurevija, T.
20-NR03 Workover optimization and reservoir stimulation GLO: Well Completion and Workover Optimization 3 Pašić, B. 30 0 10
GLO: Contemporary Reservoir Treatment Methods 3 Brkić, V.
20-NR04 Environmental protection in petroleum industry LO: Classify waste generated during petroleum industry activities, after accidental situations and after remediation activities 1 Gaurina-Međimurec, N. 20 10 0
LO: Predict behaviour and movement of spilled hydrocarbons, develop contingency plan and select remediation methods for specific oil pollution situations 1,5 Hrnčević, L.
LO: Design waste reduction activities and recommend petroleum industry waste treatment methods 1,5 Gaurina-Međimurec, N.
LO: Classify wells and geological formations suitable for waste injection, design technological solutions for waste preparation (treatment) and injection and plan monitoring activities during and after petroleum industry waste injection 1,5 Gaurina-Međimurec, N.
LO: Organize petroleum industry activities and waste management according to legal regulations 0,5 Hrnčević, L.
20-NR05 Energy transformations and energy planning GLO: Energy transformations 3 Perković, L. 20 9 1
GLO: Energy planning 3
20-NR06 Reservoir rock and fluid characterization for fluid flow modelling LO: Critically evaluate and set the conditions for rock sample testing (sample preparation conditions, analysis types, and measurement conditions) 0,25 Vulin, D. 10 10 12,5
LO: Demonstrate an integrated set of analyses for recovery, injection, and storage of fluids in formation and to and justify interpreted measurement results. 0,25
LO: Analyze the static and dynamic properties of rocks using standard equipment for measuring permeability, porosity and capillary pressure 0,25
LO: Modify standard measurements for the purpose of innovative rock properties testing 1
LO: Critically evaluate key parameters that significantly change the result of laboratory data interpretation 0,25
LO: Create numerical PVT model based on laboratory data 1
LO: Develop an analytical and numerical model of laboratory fluid injecting tests in the sample (core) 0,5
LO: Set hypotheses and define key assumptions for flow model upscaling (i.e. fluid injection and recovery) near-wellbore scale and on the reservoir scale 0,25
LO: Create a database of the investigated literature relevant to the narrow area of analysis of a reservoir parameter (mobility, injectivity, puncture, etc.) 0,25
20-NR07 Oil and Gas Production Optimization LO: Propose well test method and interpret measurement results 1 Brkić, V. 15 10 0
LO: Design a current and future IPR curve 1
LO: Formulate parameters for optimization of well production by selecting the appropriate artificial lift method and appropriate well completion 1
LO: Engineering of well completion and artificial lift method 1
20-NR08 Oil and natural gas processing transportation and storage LO: Design of natural gas gathering systems for delivering natural gas to processing facilities 1 Simon K. 10 5 10
LO: Plan appropriate natural gas processing methods including liquefaction 1,5
LO: Design and optimize various transportations systems used to deliver natural gas Including liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG) and crude oil to end users 1
LO: Design of thecrude oil storage tanks 0,5
20-NR09 Reservoir engineering of shallow and deep geothermal resources LO: Formulate processes of heat transfer in porous/convective or conductive media and interconnect it with the sustainability and renewability of geothermal reservoir exploitation 1 Kurevija, T. 20 5 0
LO: Solving analytical and numerical mathematical models of heat transfer in convective/conductive environment with application on real geopressured geothermal reservoir 1
LO: Planning of geothermal reservoir production-injection system, EGS/HDR system and shallow geothermal borehole heat exchanger grid 1
LO: Creating technoeconomical analysis of geothermal reservoir exploitation from the aspect of isotherm period of fluid production 1
20-NR10 Economics, energy projects management and strategic management LO: Economics 2 Karasalihović Sedlar D. 20 0 5
LO: Strategic management 2
20-NR11 Oil and gas markets LO: Oil market 2 Karasalihović Sedlar D. 20 0 5
LO: Gas Market 2