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Spectroscopy Laboratory is used for education and research purposes in the framework of scientific and professional projects. Researchers at the Spectroscopy Lab are studying and applying methods for identifying and mapping materials using laboratory and field spectrometers. The lab concentrates on stable water isotope analyses (hydrogen and oxygen) which we measure by laser spectrometry (for scientific and research purposes as well as holding a part of Karst Hydrogeology course). At the Laboratory a practical part of the lectures in Repositories of radioactive waste was held (3 terms of 2 hours), which included demonstration work with safety equipment and devices for measuring ionizing radiation, as well as demonstration exercises in Waste Management.

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The lab provides:

  • analysis of 18O and D/H isotope ratios in liquid water samples using a Laser Water Isotope Analyzer (Los Gatos Research, Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA)
  • groundwater sampling and in situ measurements of water temperature, pH, electrical conductivity and dissolved oxygen (groundwater pump Sollinst and portable multiparameter WTW)
Analytical procedure and test method
Small and medium sized equipment
Teaching in the laboratory (students' practical work

Teaching in the laboratory (students' practical work) in 2016/2017

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Mandatory or Elective course

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Karst Hydrogeology





Underground waste storage



Projects in the laboratory

Projects in the laboratory in 2016/2017

Scientific research (including University support)

TC IAEA CRO/7/001 „Isotope Investigation of the Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction at the Well Field Kosnica in the Area of the City of Zagreb

Teaching in the laboratory (Students scientifice research)

 Teaching in the laboratory in 2016/2017 (Students scientifice research)

Name and surname of student

Thesis title

BSc thesis

Tomislav Tucković

The relationship between electrical conductivity and salinity of groundwater

Marko Sinčić

Stable isotope compositions of springs in northern part of Ledina (Lonja river basin)

Roko Mustać

Stable isotope compositions of springs in middle part of Ledina (Lonja river basin)

Vedran Damjanović

Stable isotope compositions of springs in southern part of Ledina (Lonja river basin)

Martina Gorupić

Stable isotope compositions of spring in the Gačica area (Bednja river basin)

MSc thesis

Ivona Mijatović

Tritium content in water in the area of well field Kosnica

Nina Hržina

Hydrogeochemical characteristics of springs on the island of Krk

PhD thesis

Zoran Kovač

Nitrate origin in groundwater of the Zagreb alluvial aquifer

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