Association SRETNO!

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The SRETNO! Association brings together current and former students of the Faculty with the intention of keeping and promoting the mining tradition and fostering the feeling of togethernes. The Association was founded in 1998 and it is still active today. It is primarily engaged in organizing the ceremony entitled Skok preko kože (Jump over the apron), the traditional event marking the day of St. Barbara, the patron saint of miners, petroleum engineers and geologists. Skok preko kože symbolizes the initiation of freshmen (students of all years of study) into the honourable mining class. The tradition dates from the early days of mining, when young miners were accepted into the mining community by jumping over a mineshaft at a special ceremony accompanied by the festivities. With the evolution of technology, the mining shafts become too large, thus, the students now jump over the mining apron. Organized by the SRETNO! Association on December 2, 2016, we marked the the day of St. Barbara  with the 32nd Skok preko kože ceremony. This magnificent event that keeps the tradition alive is repeated biannually thanks to the efforts of students and Faculty members as well as other well-respected members of the Association.
The VicePresident of the Association is student Matko Žbulj.

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