Cabinet activity

The Cabinet mainly serves for student practice, and partly for scientifi c research studies. In the lab, students learn and master the skills necessary to work in a chemical laboratory while acquiring basic practical knowledge in the fi eld of general and inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry.
Some of the activities and methods that are implemented in this Cabinet are: (I) preparation and weighing of samples; (II) determination of pH solution by colorimetric and electrochemical methods; (III) determining the electrical conductivity of the electrolyte;(IV) classical qualitative chemical analysis; (V) volumetric methods of quantitative chemical analysis; (VI) electro-analytical methods of quantitative chemical analysi (VII) gravimetric quantitative chemical analysis; (VIII) preparation of standard solutions; (IX) standardization of solution; (X) ion exchange; XI) methods of removing water hardness; (XII) methods of separation of mixtures (sedimentation, filtration, sublimation, distillation, extraction); (XIII) adsorption on activated carbon.

Head of the Cabinet: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Prof, PhD

List of methods and procedures

Analytical procedure                                                                 Test method









Small and medium sized equipment

 Name inventory         Tech.characteristics     Application                    Image

Magnetic Stirrer LP TYPE 266

Tip: 266  ,2100 – 2000 rpm, temperature r.t. – 100 °C, weight 2,4 kg

Mixing of liquids and suspensions.

Magnetna mjesalica


Sieve size: 2.5; 2; 1.6; 1.25; 1; 0.8; 0.63; 0.5; 0.4; 0.315; 0.25; 0.2; 0.16; 0.125; 0.09; 0.08; 0.071; mm.

Sieving of the sample, determination of granulometric composition of materials.

Sita kemija

Drying oven

Temperature: 50-200 °C; 220V, 500W

Određivanje i uklanjanje vlage u uzorcima ugljena i; priprema uzoraka za kemijsku, analizu  koje se obavljaju u Zavodu za kemiju.

Susionik kemija

The annealing furnace

Temperature: 100-1200 °C; 220V, 50Hz.

Removing of the organic compounds from the sample.

Pec zarenje

Technical scale

Max. capacity 1500g.

Samples weighing.

Vaga kemija

pH meter

Measurement range: pH 1-14

pH check-out in the various chemical analyses.

pH metar kemija

Analytical scale

Max. capacity 150g, Readability 0,01 mg... Dust protection.

Samples weighing.

Analiticka vaga
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