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ECTS: 6.0

Nositelji: izv. prof. dr. sc. Želimir Veinović, dipl. ing.

Izvođači: izv. prof. dr. sc. Želimir Veinović, dipl. ing. (A, T)

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Opis predmeta: Description of Module
In the course, focus will be placed on the evaluation of waste containment facilities. The objective of this course is to provide an understanding of the use of geotechnical concepts in the analysis and design of landfills. Specific topics to be covered include the environmental geotechnics field and regulatory framework. Analyzed will be soils in waste containment: relevant soil properties, compaction and compacted clay properties, drainage material, slurry walls. Described will be solid waste by its characterization and engineering properties. Special attention will be given to use of geosynthetics in waste containment (types, functions, mechanical and hydraulic properties). An introduction will be given to waste containment systems: base lining systems, leachate collection and removal systems, cover systems, alternative cover systems, development over closed landfills. In addition discussed will be: contaminant transport through barrier systems (advection, dispersion, and diffusion mechanisms) and water balance for landfills. Discussed is: permeability analysis and use of composite clay and liner systems. In the stability of landfills treated will be: failure modes, analysis and design considerations, seismic considerations.
Other subjects that will be considered are: strategy of waste management in the Republic of Croatia and European Union (EU). action plan of waste management in the Republic of Croatia and EU, integrated system of waste management, case studies of landfill rehabilitation, nonstandard methods of waste disposal and EU Directives.

Expected learning outcomes
Students are able to understand basic principles of municipal solid waste disposal. Students acquire the knowledge about planning, design, operation and closure of sanitary landfills. Students are acquainted with the elements of a sanitary landfill including leachate and gas control. Students are competent to participate in remediation of the existing landfills and in creation of new centres for waste management. Students are familiar with respective legislation in the Republic of Croatia as well as with EU legislation.

Examination, assessment and evaluation of students' work
Two short written exams during the semester, one essay and the final oral exam.


Obavezna literatura:1. German Geotechnical Society of Soil Mechnaics and Foundation Engineering (1993) Technical Recommendations - GLR, Geotechnical of Landfill Design and Remedial Works Chapman & Hall, London.
2. Proceedings of International Symposium Waste Managament, Gospodarstvo i okoliš d.o.o., Zagreb
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