Petroleum Engineering Summer School (PESS)

logo3Dear Mr/Ms
We are pleased to invite You to participate in the Petroleum Engineering Summer School (PESS) that will be held in two workshops in June in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The Workshop 39 (WS39) titled: “Exploitation in Mature Oil Fields” will mainly focus on EOR monitoring process and mature field revitalization with implementation of new technologies. Within the mentioned workshop there will also be a special Round Table about the “Deep Offshore Challenges- from exploration to production” (June 8th) with special focus on offshore Adriatic. The WS39 will take place from June 8th - 12th 2015. The Workshop 40 (WS40) “Unconventional Oil & Gas Exploration & Production” will specifically cover the reservoir stimulation techniques (from acid to massive frack), but also the naturally fractured reservoirs. Within the WS 40 there will be a Round Table (June, 15th) about “The Role of Oil and Natural Gas in Light of the New Mineral Resources Management Strategy in Croatia”. The WS 40 will take place from June 15th - 19th 2015. The venue of the both workshops will be the building of the Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik.
The basic information about the Petroleum Engineering Summer School can be found at the PESS official web site: The information about registration and accommodation are enclosed.