RIS Task Partners selection Annex - ADRIA INTERSHIP 2019

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The RC Adria Internship is a part of the Regional Center Adria, an EIT RawMaterials Hub. The main aim of the Internship Programme is to enable students enrolled in the last year of the Master's Study Programme (in fields of mining, geosciences, metallurgy, waste management and similar) to work as interns in different companies and institutions, but also (at the same time) to train a certain number of future trainers at the aforementioned companies/institutions.  The matching and cooperation between the students and the industry will help to develop a new generation of young professionals with fresh attitudes, innovative ideas and an already existing awareness of real-life challenges in the raw materials sector. Therefore, the programme is envisaged as a booster to new concepts of high education and early employment strategies.

 Founders of the EIT RawMaterials Hub – Regional Center Adria are the Geological Survey of Slovenia, Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute and the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Zagreb. EIT RawMaterials Hub – Regional Center Adria started operating in January 2018. It represents a hub for the mineral raw materials stakeholders, primary focused on Slovenia and Croatia with the outreach to West Balkan countries.

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If you are a student willing to participate, learn and acquire a unique experience in real-life professional challenges of the RM sector, please read the Call (Annex I Call for Students) and apply to become a 2019 RC ADRIA Intern! 

If you are an organisation willing to mentor perspective students, enable them to work in your team and use the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience  present in your organzation with the enthusiasm and fresh perspective of the interns, read the Call (Annex I_Call for potential RIS Task Partners) and apply to participate!

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