Dubrovnik International ESEE Mining school – DIM 2017
Zero Waste Management
November 20 – 25, 2017
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The Dubrovnik International ESEE Mining school (DIM) brings together international experts in the field of Mining in the heart of the ESEE Region.
Focussing on recent developments within the mining industry and the development of the mining sector, our program aims at transferring new-found, innovative theoretical knowledge, tested in practice, to our participants.
Within the thematic workshops and project work the focus lies on direct knowledge transfer from renowned experts to the participants, but also the creation of an open dialogue between students, scholars, researchers, the industry and wider society. The knowledge and skills gained at DIM increases the employability of mining engineers.
Furthermore, wider general education on topics of mining and especially the improvement of mining techniques, resulting in a lower environmental impact, helps gain wider societal acceptance of mining. Our program, in the long run, will lead to an increase in sustainable mining activities, which will in the process result in economic growth and the creation of employment in the respective countries.

Zero waste management
Under the 2017 topic Zero waste management DIM ESEE project partners will discuss several important questions. How to preserve natural resources? How to recycle and utilize mining and industrial waste as valuable resources for the building sector? How to reduce environmental impacts by these new approaches?
The topic will deal with:

  1. recycling in general – including legislation aspects, methods for recycling of mining and industry waste, selected good practices on steel slag; applications in building sector;
  2. large-scale landfilling of industrial, mining, and municipal waste across the region, and its use in construction;
  3. reclamation of contaminated areas, polluted by past industrial and mining activities;
  4. demonstration of sustainable additional purifying of water from small wastewater treatment plant;
  5. enhancing a circular economy through industrial symbiosis by demonstration on selected cases how to use big data mining and decision tools on one hand and demonstrating possible innovative processes and services, that enable product and material reuse, recycling, and recovery on the other hand;
  6. environmental impact and benefits of recycling waste –using Life Cycle Assessment tools.

Program details

Location  Dubrovnik, Croatia, http://www.iuc.hr/ 
Duration  One week of full-time studies and excursions (November 20 – 25 2017)
Academic field Mining Engineering, Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering
Target group Master and PhD students, Postgraduate, Professionals, Academic staff
Tuition fee
(Includes Academic program, Accommodation and Half-Board)
Professionals and Academicians MSc and PhD students
600 € + VAT 25% 300 € + VAT 25%
Scholarship To be announced
Recommended credits 2+2 ECTS
Exam types Seminar paper, Project work
Social program Excursion, City tour
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