Undergraduate study programmes

Undergraduate Study

Three study programmes are carried out within a three-year undergraduate cycle (180 ECTS credits):


  • University Undergraduate Study Programme in Mining Engineering
  • University Undergraduate Study Programme in Geological Engineering
  • University Undergraduate Study Programme in Petroleum Engineering.


The first-year courses of the afore-mentioned study programmes are the same, and they provide students with the basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering graphics and computing. In the second year all programmes include basic courses for particular profession, as electrical engineering, thermodynamics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, strength of materials and similar, as well as specific courses that are also lectured in the third year, providing a necessary broadness of education. Undergraduate programmes are completed with the defense of the bachelor’s thesis in the sixth semester. After completing the undergraduate programme and obtaining a corresponding title, a student can enter the labour market or continue education at a corresponding graduate programme, or, with the addition of bridging courses, some other graduate programme at the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering or at other institutions of higher education in the Republic of Croatia or abroad. In the academic year 2015/2016, a total of 207 students were enrolled in the first year of the undergraduate study programmes, out of which 161 for the first time (55 freshmen in the Mining Engineering Programme, 52 freshmen in the Geological Engineering Programme and 54 freshmen in the Petroleum Engineering Programme). A total of 175 students were enrolled in the second year (125 of them for the first time) and 152 students in the third year (117 of them for the first time). A total of 120 students defended their bachelor’s thesis (42 students - Mining Engineering, 34 students - Geological Engineering, 44 students - Petroleum Engineering), which is an increase by 44.5% in comparison to the previous year. The aforementioned data are presented in the figure below.

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Student competencies of undergraduate study programmes in Mining Engineering / Geological Engineering / Petroleum Engineering:

  • basic knowledge within the areas of technical and natural sciences
  • ability to apply the acquired knowledge to professional work and tasks of medium complexity in surface and underground exploitation of mineral resources (blasting, mechanical excavation, transportation, mineral processing, mine ventilation and dewatering, stability and safety assessment of objects constructed on soil and rocks) / ability, expertise and competences for professional work and performing tasks of medium complexity in geological engineering and geology, as well as in other professions by using and applying results of exploration in geological engineering and geology / ability to apply acquired knowledge to tasks of medium complexity in exploration, exploitation and distribution of energy mineral resources, geothermal water exploitation and in the energy sector
  • ability to choose and apply appropriate analytical methods and procedures, as well as equipment for laboratory and field exploration
  • ability to use modern information technology in order to collect and process data collected by new investigations, or data from the existing literature, data bases and other sources of information
  • skills and qualities necessary for higher efficiency, as well as for recognizing need for long-term professional development and cooperation with experts in other disciplines