Engineering Geology 1

Basic information

ECTS: 4.0

The holder: Ass. Prof. Martin Krkač, PhD

The contractor: Ass. Prof. PhD Martin Krkač, dipl. ing. (T)

Exam registration: Studomat

E-learning: Merlin

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Detailed information

Field exercises7


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Obligatory literature:1. Johnson & DeGraff (1988): Principles of Engineering Geology. Wiley, 512 str.
2. Waltham, T. (2009): Foundations of Engineering Geology. 3rd Ed. Taylor & Francis, New York, 104 str.
Recommended literature:1. De Freitas, M.H. (2009): Engineering Geology. Principles and Practice. Springer, 450 str.
2. De Vallejo, L.G., Ferrer, M., de Freitas, M. (2011): Geological Engineering. CRC Press, 700 str.


Learning outcomes: