Technical Petrography 1

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ECTS: 4.0

The holder: Assoc. Prof. Ana Maričić, PhD

The contractor: Assoc. Prof. PhD Ana Maričić, dipl. ing. (A, T)

The contractor:Ass. Prof. PhD Marija, Horvat Sc. ing. (A, P, T)

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Obligatory literature:1. Tomašić, I. (2001): Tehnička petrografija I (uređena skripta)
2. Bilbija, N. (1975): Tehnička petrografija (knjiga, Beograd)
3. Winkler, E.M. (1975): Stone properties, durability in Man?s Environment, Springer-Verlag, Wien-New York.
4. Latham, J.P. (1998): Advances in aggregates and armourstone evaluation. Geological society, pp 201, London.
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