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ECTS: 5.0

The holder: Assoc. Prof. Lidia Hrnčević, PhD

The contractor: Assoc. Prof. PhD Lidia Hrnčević, Sc. ing. (A, T)

Exam registration: Studomat

E-learning: Merlin

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2. Božičević, J. (1980.). Temelji automatike 2, Zagreb, Školska knjiga
Recommended literature:1. Arnold, K., & Steward, M. (2008). Surface Production Operations, Volume 1, 3rd Edition, Gulf Professional Publishing, Burlington, MA, USA.
2. Arnold, K., & Steward, M. (2011). Gas Sweetening and Processing Field Manual, Gulf Professional Publishing, Burlington, MA, USA.
3. Devold, H. (2009). Oil and Gas Production Handbook, An Introduction to Oil and Gas Production, 2nd Edition, Oslo, Norway, ABB Oil and Gas.


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