The Joint Doctoral Programme “Geo-Engineering and Water Management” (JDP) was established on the basis of the interuniversity consortium agreement signed by the rectors of Graz University of Technology, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, University of Zagreb and University of Maribor. The first generation was enrolled in the academic year 2012/2013.
The following faculties of the University of Zagreb participate in the JDP: Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering.
In the academic year 2013/2014 one student was enrolled in the JDP at the University of Zagreb, and in the previous academic year fi ve students were enrolled. The JDP is carried out in the scientific area of Technical Sciences, in the fields of Civil Engineering and Mining, Petroleum and Geological Engineering, with major subjects (research areas) Geo-Engineering and Water Management. Upon the completion of the study the candidate is awarded the academic  title of the Doctor of Technical Sciences (in the corresponding field and branch) and the title is recognised by all partner institutions as equivalent. Lectures are given in English, and PhD theses are writien and defended in English.
The programme is organised through lectures and scientific research in the duration of three years (six semesters). The JDP consists of Joint schools with specialist courses held two times a year and partner universities take turns to host summer and winter schools in the duration of four and half weeks. The teachers from partner universities and guest lecturers participate at those schools. A total of 20 ECTS credits is awarded for courses and research seminars at the Joint schools, while 20 ECTS credits are awarded for courses at the host university. The research, preparation and defence of the thesis and the publication of papers correspond to 140 ECTS credits.

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