November 20 to 25 2017
Inter University Centre Dubrovnik, Croatia

Under the 2017 topic Zero waste management DIM ESEE project partners will discuss several important questions. How to preserve natural resources? How to recycle and utilize mining and industrial waste as valuable resources for the building sector? How to reduce environmental impacts by these new approaches? The topic will deal with:

  • recycling in general – including legislation aspects, methods for recycling of mining and industry waste, selected good practices on steel slag; applications in building sector.
  • large-scale landfilling of industrial, mining, and municipal waste across the region, and its use in construction;
  • reclamation of contaminated areas, polluted by past industrial and mining activities;
  • demonstration of sustainable additional purifying of water from small wastewater treatment plant;
  • enhancing a circular economy through industrial symbiosis by demonstration on selected cases how to use big data mining and decision tools on one hand and demonstrating possible innovative processes and services, that enable product and material reuse, recycling, and recovery on the other hand;
  • environmental impact and benefits of recycling waste –using Life Cycle Assessment tools.