Risk Evaluation of Accidental Situations

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ECTS: 5.0

The holder: Ass. Prof. Karolina Novak Mavar, PhD

The contractor: Ass. Prof. PhD Karolina Novak Mavar, Sc. ing. (A)

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Obligatory literature:1. Matanovic, D, Gaurina-Međimurec, N, Simon, K. (2013): Risk Analysis for Prevention of Hazardous Situations in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. IGI Global, USA, 2013.
Recommended literature:1. Klovning, J., Nilsen, E.F.: Quantitative Environmental Risk Analysis, SPE 30686; Blotto, P., Bonuccelli, M., Dellarole, E., Falcitelli, M., Podenzani, F.: Development of a Integrated Approach to the Risk Analysis of a Blow-out Accident, SPE 86704


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