Selected Topics in Chemistry

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ECTS: 5.5

The holder: Prof Frankica Kapor PhD Sc. ing.

The contractor: asistent Marina Samardžija

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I.Esih, Z. Dugi; Tehnologija zštite od korozije; Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 1990.Obligatory
W. Grimshaw; The chemistry and phiscs of Clays and Other Ceramic Materijals;Ernest Benn Limited, London, 1971.Obligatory
L. L. Sheir, R. A. Jarman & G. T. Burstein, Corrosion, Vol.1. Butterworth-Heinemann, 3rd Edition, Oxford, UK, 1994.Recommended
J. C. Scully, The Fundamenta lof Corrosion Engineering, 3rd ed. McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1987.Recommended
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George R. Gray, H.C.H. Darley, Composition and Properties of Oil Well Drilling Fluids, Fourth Edition 1981.Recommended


1. semester - obligatory subject in Environmental Protection