Environmental Mineralogy

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ECTS: 5.0

The holder: prof. Goran Durn, PhD,

The contractor: Assoc. Prof. PhD Stanko Ružičić, Sc. ing. (A)

The contractor:prof. PhD, Ivan, Sondi F.C.A. (A, P)

Exam registration: Studomat

E-learning: Merlin

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Obligatory literature:1. Vaughan, D.J. & Wogelius, R.A. (2000): Environmental Mineralogy.-Eötvös University Press, Budapest, 423s.
Recommended literature:1. Parker, A. & Rae, J. E. (1998): Environmental Interactions of Clays.- Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, 271s.
2. Banfield J.F. & Navrotsky, A. (2001): Nanoparticles and the Environment. Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry,vol 44, 349s.
3. Dove, P.M., De Yoreo, J.J. & Weiner, S. (2003): Biomineralization. Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry,vol 54, 381s.


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