Mineral Deposit Exploration

Basic information

ECTS: 6.0

The holder: prof. Goran Durn, PhD,

The contractor: prof. PhD, Goran Durn, F.C.A. (T)

The contractor:Assoc. Prof. PhD Stanko, Ružičić Sc. ing. (A, T)

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E-learning: Merlin

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Detailed information

Field exercises15


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Obligatory literature:1. Moon, C.J., Whateley, M.G.K. & Evans, A.M. (2006): Introduction to mineral exploration, Blackwell Science, 481 s.
Recommended literature:1. Annels, A.E. (1991): Mineral Deposits Evaluation, Chapman & Hall, 436 s.
2. Kužvart, M. & Bohmer, M. (1986): Prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits, Academia Praha, 508 s.
3. Peters, W.C. (1978): Exploration and mining geology, John Willey & Sons, 696 s.


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