Testing and Monitoring in Geotehnical Engineering

Basic information

ECTS: 5.0

The holder: Ass. Prof. Dubravko Domitrović, PhD

The contractor: PhD Karolina Herceg, mag. ing. min. (A, T)

Exam registration: Studomat

E-learning: Merlin

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Obligatory literature:1. Domitrović D., Herceg K. (2019): Geotehnička ispitivanja i opažanja, nastavni materijali i prezentacije (Merlin)
2. Mulabdić M. (2018): Ispitivanje tla u geotehničkom laboratoriju
3. Sabatini P.J., Bachus R.C., Mayne P.W., Schneider J.A., Zettler T.E. (2002): FHWA-IF-02-034: GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING CIRCULAR NO. 5 Evaluation of Soil and Rock Properties
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