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The area of scientific interest of the Department’s employees are the exploitation of mineral raw materials, particularly architectural and building stone as well as technical stone, industrial use explosives and detonators, rock mass stability, mineral processing in recycling and waste management, the durability and usability of natural and geosynthetic materials in waste disposal areas, measuring in mining, calibration, design of automated measuring systems, anti-explosion protection, waste management, as well as radioactive waste management.

In the course of the previous academic year, the Department’s employees attended several international conferences congresses and project meetings in Europe and the world. Among other things, preliminary negotiations for the cooperation with the Chinese University of Mining and Technology, XUZHOU, were implemented. The Department’s employees also published scientific and professional papers in domestic and international scientific and professional periodicals. They also encouraged the development of their students by mentoring their graduation and Master’s theses and, on the basis of collaboration with colleagues from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal (INE), three students were sent to training sessions and workshops in the framework of the Euratom FP7 CAST. In the context of cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) one student was given the opportunity to do internship in the agency's laboratory in Seibersdorf. The Department participates actively in the work of the Education committee – Society of mining professors.
The Department is a partner on a European project entitled “Guidance for innovation friendly minerals policy in Europe” (MIN-GUIDE) within the Horizon 2020 – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014–2020) and the SC5–13c–2015 “Innovation friendly minerals policy framework” working program. Individually, the Department’s employees are included in various international projects. The Department’s members participate in the Experts’ panel of the INTRAW-International Observatory for Raw Materials international project, they are members of the managerial committee of the European innovative strategies network for the acquisition of rare and critical metals from EE waste ESSEM COST Action ES1407-ReCreew. The Department was also awarded nine monetary research grants by the University of Zagreb.
Department employees are members of the editorial board of the Central European Journal of Geosciences, and perform a range of duties in the Croatian Academy of Engineering, Croatian geotechnical society, Croatian Engineering Association, the Croatian Standards Institute and the Society of Mining professors.
The economic areas covered by the Department are the creation and revision of mining and geotechnical projects as well as the creation and revision of projects relating to the area of mineral processing, the making of the environmental impact studies, designing and control of drilling and blasting works in mining and civil engineering (tunnels, construction pit excavation, highway route excavation, underwater blasting), the demolition of objects by blasting, observation of blasting effects on the environment, design and supervision of mine ventilation, tunnel and underground openings’ ventilation, supervision and observation of the air quantities and quality in tunnels and underground openings, monitoring harmful and dangerous gasses at communal waste dumps, measuring the emissions of heating devices, laboratory soil and rock testing, rock and earth slope stability analyses as well as the calculation of support systems of underground openings, court expert analyses and the estimation of mining works’ and mineral raw materials beds’ value.
In the course of the previous year, several elaborates, as well as projects have been made. Also, our staff’s expertise was requested in law proceedings. Preparations for the Dubrovnik International ESEE Mining School DIM 2017 –Zero Waste Management were performed, and three engineering seminars in anti-explosion protection of devices and equipment were also held.
Over the past academic year, one doctoral thesis were defended in the field of mining.